Make a Donation to the VendettaSoftballClub


Why We Are Asking For Your Consideration

We have assembled a group of extremely talented young ladies intending to play softball at the collegiate level and are asking for your help in any way, with either a donation or sponsorship, to help them achieve their goals.

The main avenue these ladies have to achieve the goal of being seen by college coaches is to attend national showcase tournaments where college coaches will have a chance to watch them play. Attending these tournaments is an expensive venture and outside of the monthly dues for the team, which pay for practice fields and local tournaments. To alleviate some of these extra costs for these national showcases we are asking for your help.

If you would like to donate more than $10 you can add increase the count on the checkout page.



Will My Sponsorship Or Donation Be Used For Administrative Costs Of The Non-Profit?


No one on the staff is paid in any way.

We do this because we love the game and the opportunities the game affords these amazing young ladies.

Our monthly dues cover the expenses of in-state tournament fees and practice field rental fees. The in-state tournaments usually cost around $550 to $650 a tournament. Out-of-state showcases cost between $850 to $2000 per team.

To keep our monthly dues low we do not include the cost of out of state showcases in our monthly dues and instead rely on fundraising and the generosity of others willing to help out a great bunch of ladies.

What do we do with your generous support?

Your support helps us in many ways, a few are noted below:

  1. We try to keep our monthly dues as low as possible to help players that wouldn’t be able to afford club ball on a more expensive team the opportunity to play competitively. Our fees are $75 to $100 cheaper than most teams per month. We can do this because of the generosity of donors and sponsors.
  2. Your support helps offset the cost of practice fields and hitting cages.
  3. To help replace worn-out balls. Balls are currently about $65 a dozen on average. We try to have at least 6-8 dozen balls at all times to be able to run multiple drills with smaller groups without having to stop and pick up balls. Balls get worn out and abused, we wish they lasted forever but they do not.
  4. Replace worn out nets and practice equipment. This is about safety and not needing the newest and greatest. Again these are abused through use and not neglect.
  5. Help offset the cost of insurance. This is needed to be able to play in tournaments and rent fields and also to help protect our players.
  6. To help offset the cost of out of state tournaments. Our dues cover most of these. In town tournaments cost between $500 and $600. We play two tournaments a month so the cost adds up. The showcase tournaments where college coaches go to find their next players cost between $850 to $2000.
  7. Most out of state tournaments charge a buyout fee of a few hundred dollars if you choose not to use their preferred hotels. We usually try to pay this fee so that we are not trapped into the high priced Hilton and we can then stay at a more reasonable Motel 6 to save money. Your support helps to offset this cost. Your donations will never be used  for staff or parent lodging.  If we can rent an AirBnB we try to do that and have everyone find a spot on the floor. We buy and cook our food to save on eating out.
  8. Your support helps to offset the cost of uniforms, banners, promotional materials. This also includes paying for a webspace host for the web site that we use to help these young ladies be seen by as many college coaches as possible.
  9. No one on the staff or any part of the Vendetta organization is paid at any time. We are all volunteers.

We do everything possible to keep our overhead as low as possible to give as many young ladies in our community opportunities that they may not have with other teams.

We do appreciate your consideration of supporting our team in any way possible and if not us, please consider another local organization doing good for your community.

Why Donate To Our Organization?

Our organization that is part of your community that is helping young ladies learn about self-respect, discipline, and self-worth while also helping them achieve their goals to play softball at the next level and possibly get a significant portion of their education taking care of in the form of scholarship offers. Organized sports teaches more than a game. The lessons learned will carry over into these young ladies everyday lives. What kind of real-life lessons do these young ladies learn?

Through softball they learn:

  1. The value of hard work
  2. How to deal with diversity
  3. How small changes reap big dividends
  4. How to work and compete in a team environment and as an individual
  5. A sense of self-worth, pride, and self-respect earned from their accomplishments. That their failures are only lessons to future success

Are these not all things needed to succeed in today’s competitive world? 

Your contribution does much more than just support a softball team. You are supporting your community’s future leaders. These ladies are all very good students, involved in charitable giving and some hold jobs as well as put in their time chasing their dreams of playing softball at the next level.

Thank you

Jared Brimhall and staff